Company Contact

Address: 275 Shoreline Drive Suite 150 Redwood City CA 94065 US

Phone: +1 650 832-1626


Email: [email protected]

What They Do

Biotricity Inc is a medical technology company that focuses on biometric data monitoring solutions. It aims to deliver remote monitoring solutions to the healthcare & consumer markets, with a focus on diagnostic and post-diagnostic solutions for lifestyle and chronic illnesses. Biotricity is expanding medical-grade monitoring into the consumer market via its Biolife solution, which empowers users to self-manage chronic conditions. Its products include Bioflux, which is a mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) device that provides real-time monitoring and transmission of ambulatory patients’ ECG information; Biocare Telemed, which is a virtual clinic platform that enables clinicians to provide outstanding patient care remotely; Bioheart, which is a personal heart monitor; and Biocare health.